Breakfast & BAR

Breakfast & BAR


We know what "Luxury accommodation close to the sea"really means - it is above all the opportunity to have great service and stay in a beautiful place. Thanks to great design your guests break away from everyday life, do not waste time, only draw handfuls of benefits from the place . For a great start, in the morningwe invite you for tasty breakfast prepared by our chef, using fresh and selected local ingredients. Crunchy bread, the smell of freshly ground coffee and smiling people all this finished with the smell of freshly baked sweets.


bar for evenig relax


We know the rhythm of rest - breakfast, then the beach or a walk in the park, time passes quickly and freely. Before dinner, which you probably want to eat in the heart of Sopot, we prepare tasty snacks, perfect for early afternoon. Soups, tarts, cheese boards - they can be served to your room or you can sit in a restaurant.

Refreshing, colorful drinks, both traditional guests will find in the drinks menu. We always have chilled prosecco and champagne for a special occasion that we can serve to your room. We invite you to the bar in the evenings - pleasant light, soothing music and delicious drinks are nice company.

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